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Help Instagram Get Higher Quality Videos and Pictures!

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Instagram is a place where users can share the most beautiful of their videos and art with their friends and family. It has allowed many people to come together and find their similar tastes and create amazing bonds and friendships. For some, Instagram is absolutely more than just a social media site, it's a community allowing us as users to be artists and gain support from each other. One flaw, however, that truly holds us back in our potential, is the drastic loss of quality in posting. When posting photos or videos, users want to be able to represent the absolute best of their artwork and photos. Increasing quality would be beneficial to everyone, as it will allow us to post our content in it's intended beauty. Users are unable currently do this, due to the fact that video and photo quality is currently so low. Please sign to allow artists to share and display their work in it's most excellent form. 

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