Have "Lil Tay" Restricted From Harmful, Inflammatory Social Media Usage

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As many of you are aware of, "Lil Tay" (Real Name Unknown) has been blowing up on social media recently, however, for all the wrong reasons. 

There is reason to believe that "Lil Tay's" erratic, and dangerous behavior for someone her age can lead to increasingly toxic and harmful activities in the future, as she continues to be guided by these falsehoods her brother and mother have fed to her. 

Her brother (aged 16, video below) can be seen, visibly, coaching her using vulgar language, obscenities, and profanities, some of which she does not understand. Nor will she understand how some of these things she's been trained to perceive as normality can prove to be problematic for her in the future as she tries to forge her own way in life. 


I am not asking for her to be removed because her success makes me jealous, it doesn't, social media is a great opportunity to be recognized and perhaps create a career out of, but not at the cost of these obscene behaviors being trained into her by her brother and mother. 

All I am asking for is "Lil Tay" to be removed from all social media. Continued presence on these platforms can lead to further damage, perhaps starting her down on a road she did not intend to be on. 

Don't let her Mother and Brother feed off of her coached "success" anymore, it's time to put an end to exploitation of a child and maybe, just maybe, she can put this behind her.