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Have @exposing_kuzon__ deleted from Instagram for spreading misinformation

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For almost a week now, an Instagram account called @exposing_kuzon__ has been spreading lies and misinformation about popular reptile page @kuzon.the.crestie. As a result, an immense amount of hate has been directed at the latter, hate that is founded upon ignorance and the lies of a selfish, ignorant troll on the internet.

@exposing_kuzon__ has claimed that Kuzon, the gecko in question, is not cared for properly, using "photo evidence" that is not even related to the real Kuzon. One example is a photograph that Kuzon's account posted of some snow, which was jokingly captioned "Kuzon's Environment" in light of Kuzon's local area experiencing snowy weather. @exposing_kuzon__ took this image and started claiming that the owner was placing their gecko in the snow, a ridiculous and unfounded claim that quite obviously is untrue.

Another false claim this "exposing" account has made is that Kuzon is horribly malnourished - something proven false by the community seeing as the image in question was of a different gecko that had been rescued from an uncaring owner. The account had not been deleted by Instagram, despite quite clearly going against the Community Guidelines by harassing Kuzon's owner and causing a lot of hate to be directed to them.

As a huge fan of Kuzon, I find it devastating to see how badly his owner has been affected by this continued abuse, and implore you to vote, so Instagram can take action and delete this lying troll account: "Exposing Kuzon"

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