Get KingBach to take down his disgusting 'comedy' video endorsing rape

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KingBach, along with many other Instagram 'comedians', have repeatedly made videos advocating rape and other forms of sexual assault. This is mainly aimed against woman who are portrayed in a submissive and sexualised role. These videos are available to everyone, including children, who will learn to see sexual assault as funny and removing its severity. These Instagram 'comedians' have millions of followers and are literally making money out of endorsing sexual assault. 

The comments are almost as bad as the video itself with the majority not finding any fault with the 'punch line' of the video "I did what I had to do".

These types of videos should not be allowed on Instagram. This is the same company that ignored the 'free the nipple movement' because it was inappropriate for public viewing, but seem to have no problem promoting videos that normalise rape. 

I hope that you will agree with me on this issue and sign this petition to end inappropriate Instagram 'comedy' videos.