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Stop censoring the female nipple!

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Instagram is one of the leading platforms to spread lifestyle and art as well as commerce. Currently, content that is showing a female nipple is reported as inappropriate and gets deleted. That leads to the circumstance that many creators have to hide the nipple behind stars or blur them out and through that destroy and disturb the artistic value of their own post.

The nipple itself is a gender neutral part of the body. The only difference between the male and the female nipple is that the latter also has the purpose of feeding a baby. There is no appropriate reason to ban the female nipple from Instagram while the male nipple seems to be no problem at all.

Of course there is also inappropriate content posted on Instagram, and I myself have reported posts because of sexual content but none of this was a bare nipple, it was obvious intercourse and ads for pornographic websites.
We need to stop making the naked breast and body a purification of sexual content and accept the artistic and aesthetical value of the naked body.


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