Filter Pornographic Material Off of Instagram

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Instagram has Rules and Guidelines that prohibit pornographic material from being posted on their site, yet there is pornographic material to spare! They have the options to “block”, “report” (accounts, posts, and comments), “see less posts like this”, and so on. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to do much when there is SO MUCH out there that needs to be taken down. 

Pornography hurts relationships. It causes people to have misconstrued ideas about love, the human body, and relationships. It is an addiction that warps the brain. If pornography is so easily accessible, it is enabling many, many minds, young and old, innocent or not, to become addicted or continue to feed their addiction.  

I believe that if Instagram is to have these rules and guidelines, they also need to decline pornographic posts, before they’re even posted, not just depend on the people to report the problem. 

Sign this petition to get Instagram’s attention! We need to stand up for what’s morally correct and demand that the creator’s of Instagram hold themselves accountable to their Rules and Guidelines. I also suggest we boycott Instagram until we see some improvement!