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Eliminate The Gender Question On Instagram for good

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Instagram is misusing the term gender and confusing it with sex. The current question that Instagram is asking is, "What is your gender," and providing the options male, female, and not specified. First of all this is the wrong question, the question that they should be asking is," What is your sex." However, that is not the only issue. The goal of this petition is to remove gender bias from algorithmic filtering and to achieve this we must first begin with eliminating questions like, what is your gender? This question is primarily asked for demographic purposes which is used for marketing and opinion research. Algorithmic filtering reflects societies' biases and from here, gender stereotypes are born and nourished. Algorithms are the ones that decide the content you watch and will be the one to decide whether you watch videos on sports or makeup. Basing this type of filtering on gender is wrong because not everyone likes watching videos on sports cars and not everyone likes watching nail tutorials. This bias feed not only targets gender but culture and race as well, associating these individuals with further blatant stereotypes on the media. We don't want our community believing in prejudice social norms. Instead we encourage a more liberal and open-minded thinking.

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