Delete @dabbing_granny from Instagram

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My name is Stephanie Hawk, I am deeply saddened to say one of my favorite Social Media influencers has crossed a line that treads on the behavior consisting of a hate crime. @dabbing_granny went on IG live and used the N-word in a very aggressive manner. She by no means has any remorse for her actions. She has tried to make excuse after excuse. We see the lies old lady; and her age excuses nothing. She should know better. Point blank period. We all have the right to be treated equally and fairly. If you have influence over millions it is your job to remain professional when you are on Live. Her Instagram is no longer a personal page for her personal views it is a public platform. Something she even makes revenue from. If the regular citizen used the N-word we would be fired on the spot. 

I have 8 examples of other well-known people who have been fully canceled for the exact behavior. 

1.Kathy Griffin

2.Jack Maynard

3.James Arthur

4.Azealia Banks


6.Josh Rivers

7.Ten Walls

8.Katie Hopkins. 

If all of these people can have jobs fire them, cancel shows, have social media sites permanently deleted. Then After her Live this morning saying she does not feel she did anything wrong @dabbing_granny needs to be removed from the social platform permanently. You may ask what do I care, but I care because the people of color I love are no different than you and me. The color of your skin says nothing about who you are. What makes you, you are more about where you came from, the good and bad experiences you have felt in life. Not the color of our skin though. Her age should not excuse her from being held responsible.