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stop allowing animal cruelty images from Hunters and Fur trappers

The photo sharing website is a wonderful resource. They are very strict in their rules and have blocked many tags you can use to promote your photo such as using the word "sexy" or "porn". One can only assume this is to stop children from seeing images that are only ment for adults.

Then why does Instagram allow images of dead animals that have been brutally killed by fur trappers and hunters? Are these images not harmful for children?

Samples of Graphic Images from Instagram that appear when one searches

"furtrapping" (fur trapping)


"legholdtrap" (leghold trap for trapping fur animals)


"conibeartrap" (another fur trap)


"wolfkill" (wolf Kills)


Direct link for search

Contact Instagram and tell them to stop allowing Hunting and Trapping images to be allowed and shown on their website. If you wouldn't want your children exposed to porn why would you want them exposed to what is basically Porn for Hunters.

Their contact page

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