Petition For Instagram To Stop Disabling Fan Accounts

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- I run a fan account on Instagram - @aliabhattgallery

- Last week my account was disabled for trying to pretend being someone else, which is absolutely false. 

- Not just mine but many other fan clubs had to face the same unfair treatment. 

- FanClubs are a major reason why people use Instagram. These accounts never try to pretend being someone else but rather they selflessly contribute in making Instagram a much more interesting place. FanClubs are not spam accounts but an important part of the Instagram community. 

- Disabling FanClubs for these invalid reasons is totally wrong as the love they pour in is dismissed.

- If Instagram keeps disabling fan accounts for invalid reasons then it is an absolute disrespect of the efforts that fans put in. 

- So many fan account owners have been emailing Instagram team to get their accounts back but they fail in getting a positive response. 

For how long are we going to face this injustice? If you have faced this with your account or if you feel this is wrong, sign this petition. Let Instagram know we deserve to get our accounts reactivated. Calling out all the fans of any celebrity, let's stand up for ourselves or else tomorrow Instagram might do the same with some other fan accounts. All that we can do is try our best. Sign this petition. Spread the word .