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Instagram is a social networking platform featuring 800 million users. The content of accounts vary from person to person. One of the most popular type of content is found in meme pages. Meme pages are profiles featuring the newest trends. Videos and funny posts are primes of these meme pages. The basic aim of these pages is to make people laugh and de stress. It is utmost unfortunate that the policies of  Instagram are not supportive towards the hardship of the people who run these meme pages. Memes are probably the most common reason that people join Instagram in the first place. 

As mentioned earlier, there are 800 million users on instagram. The opinions and views of people are very diverse. Sometimes, people fail to see the motive behind these memes. It is not meant to be taken seriously and it should be taken into note that meme page admins actually put up disclaimers for the viewers that's its all in the name of good fun and jokes. If 5000 people like a meme post but 1 person finds it offensive, the post gets removed or sometimes worse,  the whole account is deactivated. It takes instagram only a minute to dissolve the hard work of page admins. 

MDG was a meme page on instagram with a huge fan following. There was only one admin and he worked very hard on his page just to keep the viewers happy. A viewer found one post offensive and reported it which resulted in the de activation of his account and his page got deleted by instagram. 

This is not something we can tolerate.  Instagram deletes pages without second thoughts and doesnt look into the matter properly. The admin always posts a disclaimer and just because the viewer ignores it,  admin has to pay the price! You can't just delete years worth of hardwork!  This is totally unacceptable and I feel that instagram did a good job creating an opposition!! 

All that we request is instagram should make separate policies regarding meme pages and acknowledge the disclaimers by page admins and actually discuss the matter (if any)  with the admins. There has to be a change or its just your loss instagram.