Change Policies To Stop Pro-Self Harm Accounts On Social Media

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Recently, I've noticed that an increasing number of young people are talking about committing suicide or self harm, some going to the extent of posting photos of their self harm. 

While I appreciate that genuine mental health conditions could be behind this, the presence of Pro-Suicide and Pro-Self Harm accounts on Instagram, Twitter and more does not help. It suggests that suicide and self harm are the answer to problems when that's 100% not the case. 

When I tried to report some of these accounts that posted photos of self injury and quotes such as "give me a reason not to end it all", accompanied by photos of pills, Instagram told me that there was no violation of policy. 

Young people are being exposed to this content and it's damaging to their mental health. These accounts need to be taken down. 

As someone who has attempted suicide and previously self harmed, this content is triggering and upsetting and it's easy to find and stumble upon by accident. I am not the only person who is affected by this content- I know of many others. 

Social media platforms need to do more to stop or take down these Pro-Suicide, Pro-Self Harm, Pro-Anorexia etc accounts and protect young people and everyone else from this content. They need to accept some responsibility and start doing something.