Change Instagram’s Algorithm: We Want Chronological Order!

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As an Instagram user, I get frustrated seeing posts from five days ago, but not a post that was uploaded five minutes ago. Why does Instagram need to change this? Because we don’t need to accidentally be liking Bob’s post from three days ago, and have him thinking we were stalking his page.

Instagram, a popular social media app that allows users to upload and share photos, had one of its biggest and arguably, least effective updates. This update would include, a change in the way business accounts were managed, bot comment control, and of course a change in its algorithm which dictated what posts were going to be seen when. This changed the look of the feed, making each post not be in chronological order.

This change in the algorithm doesn't just affect normal, day to day users, but business users as well. Stats show up to 80% of normal users follow a business account. With the new algorithm, only 10% of those users won’t be able to see the newest post for that page. How does this happen? The new algorithm decides which posts to put at the top of your feed depending on how the engagement is which in a certain amount of time. Instagram hasn’t disclosed how much time that is. 70% out of the 80% may not even see a glimpse of your post, because of this. It’s not just for business users either. Yep, everyday users also experience, and this is most likely the reason why you aren’t seeing a lot of family and friends posts.

With no chronological order on a users feed, many could be missing out on posts from family, friends, as well as posts from big and local businesses. As an Instagram user myself, it upsets me that I can see a post from a week ago as the first thing on my feed, but not a post from two minutes ago.

If we don’t petition against this algorithm, we may never get chronological order again. Help someone not like a post from four days ago and worry about the their person thinking their stalking their page, by signing this petition today.