Change Instagram's Algorithm

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If It's Not Broken, Don't Fix It!!

Since Instagram changed their algorithm content creators are finding it more and more difficult to reach their audience as Instagram picks and choses who to show your posts to. Your post has to do well in a small amount of time to be shown to a wider audience, but how are we meant to know when the majority of our following is online to see our new posts? We can't! Most posts aren't shown to even 1/4 of our following which is a huge issue and makes it even more difficult to grow and reach a wider audience. Creators have been joining engagement groups just to try and reach more people and so we stand a better chance of getting seen. We shouldn't have to resort to this! 

If Instagram was to revert their algorithm back to showing feed posts in chronological order, where everyone could see our posts just like they could 2 years ago before they changed everything, everyone would be much happier for it! 
Creators would be thrilled to be using the platform once more, instead of heading to other platforms to try and grow our audience. 

Some people may think this isn't really worth stressing over, but when you see creators with thousands of followers getting just over a couple hundred likes, something is seriously wrong!

Please sign this petition and try to get Instagram to see how many people this really affects! And hopefully, they might do something about it to look after their creators!