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Bring Back Our Community

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Do you remember @clash_of_clans and @doctor_royale on instagram? Yeah, they were misflagged and disabled. Instagram does not even check instagrams when people ask to enable their account again. My friend, had 16k followers on Instagram, and I emailed Instagram to get the account back. It turns out, someone misflagged his Instagram for nudity. It was a Clash Royale fan Instagram account. There was no nudity. And yet, Instagram listens to their reports without checking the account themselves. Instagram had said they cannot take it back.

I want the instaclash community back. Instagram keeps listening to our haters and those false reports. @clash_of_clans was an account with 500k+ Followers. Wouldn’t you be devastated to have that account being falsely reported and disabled? Instagram has to fix this.

@Doctor_Royale had over 200k followers! People falsely reported and his account was disabled due to “botting” likes and followers. If you looked at his statistics from social blade, they were not out of the ordinary. Do you know why Instagram listens to false reports? Because they do not want to spend more money actually looking at accounts that were reported.

My own account on Instagram, @ender.clash was disabled for 12 hours because Instagram couldn’t get the false reports straight. Good thing I emailed them and it was all sorted out. Instagram needs to pay attention to the smaller communities that have been around since 2012, such as the instaclash community. That is nearly 5 years (nearly 6) of the community being around. We have been getting falsely reported and we would like Instagram to actually look at these accounts instead of having their computer or whatever they use to disable accounts and “look” at them. Because trust me, they don’t look at disabled accounts.

- @ender.clash on instagram.

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