Bring back memepages

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On Friday, July 26th, 2019, Instagram deleted:
@spicy.mp4- 535k
@grandpasgenitals- 586k
@zuwamba- 282k
@yerdank- 255k
@thespedshed- 772k
@meme_hummus- 153k
@autist- 600k
@bofaballs- 578k
@yore- 51k
@wokeist- 359k
@wokeistt- 83k
@dailymemes.exe- 421k
@deadv1- 98k
@sourpods- 465k
@silentmemes- 266k
@deepfriedlays- 386k
@suucle- 115k
@moonmemes.v1- 544k
@finna_memes- 603k
@towelies- 527k
@medicalthing- 2.7m
@darted- 595k
@uniquevines- 8.4m
@femalesdoingthings- 479k
@babebuddy- 765k
@laugh.s- 3m
@Finest.Inventions- 12.1m
@grandmas.buttwhole- 1.3m
@zuccccccccccc- 1.2m ✌️
@overthunk- 1.3m
@meccha.memes- 2.4m
@jewflex- 56k
@succcccccccccccc- 3.7m
@memestars- 454k
@memeextraordinaire- 42k
@hexxthegon- 255k
@hexxthegon.v2- 95k
@lxphy- 108k
@cumward- 471k
@thixc.memes.v3- 310k
@slorted- 59k
@suucled- 16k
@memesamirite_v2- 129k
@flame.v1 - 386k
@lolkowalski - 1.2m
@sweaty.doggo - 336k
@sweaty.doggo.v2 - 113k
@loudequalsfunny - 560k
We want to bring back these memepages, our mission is to get enough people to sign this petition to the point where instagram has no choice but to bring them back. 

This was created by @memepagepurge on ig