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Bring back @LeeDongWookAddicts' Instagram account

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Dear fans of Korean actor Lee Dong Wook, fans of Korean entertainment, and members of online fan communities,

The Instagram account, @leedongwookaddicts, an international fan page and community dedicated to Korean actor Lee Dong Wook, was suddenly and unexpectedly disabled by Instagram on 2 September 2017. We had more than 79,000 followers and close to 6,000 posts. This was the result of three years of hard work and dedication, and lots of warm support from the online fan community for actor Lee Dong Wook. As the admins of this fan page, we have always done our best to deliver accurate and respectful content to our fellow fans, while making sure to abide by copyright terms when posting or reposting content on our account.

The disabling of @leedongwookaddicts, without any prior warning or reason, is devastating and heartbreaking news for fans of Lee Dong Wook, many of whom looked to the fan page as not just a news news source for the actor, but also a warm, enthusiastic and supportive fan community where we could gather to have fun and inspiring conversations about the actor. Fellow fans were brought together and friendships were formed as we bonded through this fan page.

If you are a Lee Dong Wook fan, you probably know @leedongwookaddicts, and might have come across our posts, and share our dedication and enthusiasm for this talented and passionate actor. Or you may have even made friends through the fan account and participated in our fan projects.

If you are a fan of Korean entertainment, you may or may not know @leedongwookaddicts, but perhaps you have seen and enjoyed some of Lee Dong Wook's dramas, such as Goblin, Scent of a Woman, Hotel King and My Girl. As a fan of K-dramas or K-pop, you'd know how warm and passionate fans of Korean entertainment are in supporting their idols, and how much a fan account means to the fan community.

If you are a member of any online fan community, you'd know how much fun it is to be part of a fanpage, fanclub or group, as it's a platform for us to get to know fellow fans who share our passion and interest for an artiste, band, actor, etc. whom we love. It's one of the best parts about being a fan.

Please sign this petition and help us in our cause to get back our Instagram account, @leedongwookaddicts. It means the world to us, the many fans of actor Lee Dong Wook. Without @leedongwookaddicts, our experience and journey as fans would have not been the same. Instagram wrongfully took the account away from us and it is important that they give the account back to us. We want to continue on this journey we have worked so hard on to support our idol, Lee Dong Wook, who has inspired us in many ways through his great acting and warm heart.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your kind and warm support. Your signature in this petition means a lot.

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