PINKSIA has to be shut down from Facebook, Instagram and google !!

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This fake brand has a website, a facebook page and an instragram page. It appears very real because social media allows it. Facebook and Instagram allows advertisement of this brand. 

Not one customer received their order and we are not even getting reimbursed. We tried contacting social media and reporting the page as a scam but NO measures were taken and this fake account is taking money from people every day !! 

This could happen to you, your sister, your friend and maybe it already happened ! So please support this petition so we can shut down this fraudulent business ounce and for all from all social media. 

If it gets shut down and a report can clearly claim it is a scam people will be safe and not loos their money anymore ! 

If Facebook and Instagram have information about the owners / creators of Pinksia they should contact them and force them to reimburse every fooled customer.

Here you can see the people trying to report the page and contact them through facebook ! Every day !! With no repercussion !