Allow the hashtag #BPD to be used on Instagram

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Just like many others out there, I suffer with a mental health condition called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), sometimes known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. These are the official names as referenced on MIND and the NHS website.

Recently, Instagram have taken the decision to ban the hashtag #bpd, their reason being ‘to protect our community from content that may encourage behaviour that can cause harm and even lead to death’

For many, including myself, the hashtag enables those who suffer with this dehabilitating illness to access support from fellow sufferers and raise awareness of a condition that is widely stigmatised. 

I have set up this petition to allow Instagram to revoke the block with the understanding that stigmatising an illness does not resolve the issue and only causes more distress to those who are already facing a lifetime battle.

By signing this petition you are making such a difference to those who face life altering demons on a daily basis. Let’s make a change before this happens to another illness that has been demonised by society #bpdban

My Instagram handle can be found by searching bpd_diagnosis_safe_space for any ideas relating to this cause.

In addition, me and a couple of BPD friends have created a video on You Tube to support the ‘Unhide the BPD hashtag’ petition. If you can please take a look and share, share, share on your socials. Thank you Unhide the hashtag BPD on Instagram