Stop Police Extortion In Igboland.

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For years, police officials, army personnel, FRSC officials have continued to harrass and extort motorists (commercial drivers, motor cyclists and tricycle operators) across all the roads in Igboland,  making them pay bribes or have them delayed at the endless checkpoints they mount on every kilometer in the roads in Igboland. 


There have been reports of shooting and maiming drivers who refuse to pay or passengers who dared offer an opinion at these ubiquitous checkpoints. 


The activities of the security agents on roads in the south east region of Nigeria is slowing down economic activities, keeping investors away and creating a sense of siege in Igbo communities. 


A recent report by Premiumtimes -  a leading online newspaper in Nigeria-  estimated that these checkpoints generate over 2 billion USD annually in illicit cash for the police officers. The average driver pays about 2000 naira daily at the checkpoints- bribing policemen, army personnel and other security agents. 


Motorists are not the only ones being molested and harassed. Pedestrians are forced to walk with their hands raised or made to frog-jump.


This is unbecoming considering that there are no obvious security threats in Igboland.  Our people are peace loving and besides- not a single armed robber or kidnapper has been caught at these checkpoints.  Matter of fact- no checks are conducted expect for those who refuse to pay a bribe. 


The activities of these security agents is suffocating our people and making it impossible for our people to move about freely in their own land. 


We demand the immediate dismantling of all the checkpoints and an urgent end to the harassment of our motorists in our fatherland.