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Inspect Christopher Dorner's Manifesto accounts of Police Misconduct within the LAPD

Christopher Dorner, an ex-LAPD cop, had released a manifesto describing the several reasons why he was forced to leave LAPD and then continued to describe the police misconduct within the LAPD and how things have not changed from old times, and that corruption and racism is still heavily prevalent in the department. He then speaks to justify the actions that he will carry out to ensure that his name will be protected as it has been tarnished already, and that he will ensure justice, no matter what it takes.

For carrying out these actions, Dorner is being chased down by the LAPD on accounts of violating several laws however he is being pursued with excessive force as attempts to kill Dorner have been made without any attempt at negotiation being made.

It is wrong and unlawful that higher justice is not looking into this case with great detail as it could easily highlight a continued reign of corruption within not only the LAPD but other police departments as well. Only with enough signatures will the California Department of Justice look into this case closely and ensure that justice is carried out correctly and that police officers do not abuse their given power. 

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President of the United States
Christopher Dorner, an ex-LAPD cop, who is a fugitive on the run from the Los Angeles Police Department, is being pursued with charges on accounts of several different crimes, and several attempts at killing him haven taken place without attempts at negotiation. However looks into his 11,000 word manifesto reveal shocking details about police misconduct within the Los Angeles Police Department. These details describe several accounts of racism, unnecessary violence, and information regarding police not up keeping true justice but working for the money instead. These are all violations of the law and must be investigated into thoroughly by the federal government source to ensure that proper justice is being taken with this case.

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