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Refund Electric Daisy Carnival Ticketholders

By failing to properly plan for or address high wind concerns, Insomniac created a potentially hazardous environment for 300,000+ attendees. Furthermore, their refusal to refund 3-day ticketholders (and those with day-2 passes) is inconsistent at best.

Before I begin, let's take note of something obvious that I know we're all aware of: no, you cannot control the weather. It is very unfortunate that what could have been an unbelievably exciting day in EDM history was canceled due to safety concerns. That withstanding, I applaud Insomniac for ultimately making a very difficult decision and putting safety first.

Then again, it was too little and it was too late.

Las Vegas is located in the desert, and weather conditions in the desert are known for being a little unpredictable and more than a little intense. High winds are commonplace in and around Las Vegas, and we know this because there is almost always media about it. Check out this news article from May 7th, 2012: Strong winds whip through North Las Vegas (source:

We know that Insomniac was aware of this because they said so themselves. They planned for this sort of thing, right? They did, allegedly, build the stages to withstand winds up to 80 mph (source: If Insomniac knew about the winds, planned for them, built the stages to withstand heavy winds up to 80 mph, then why was the event shut down with winds approaching 30 mph? 

Insomniac screwed up, and that's why we're asking for our money to be refunded. There are other things that were planned for poorly (hours of traffic getting to and from the event, just a small detail), but we're not focusing on those problems. We're focusing on the individuals who flew across the country (some, from across the world) to attend an event that didn't happen because Insomniac couldn't plan accordingly for a venue that they decided to put in a high-risk, windy area.

An excerpt from the official response from Insomniac: "We simply could not put any of you, our devoted supporters and extended family, in harm’s way." Yet that's exactly what they did when the decision was made to move Electric Daisy Carnival, an event drawing over 300,000 attendees across consecutive days, to an area where high winds are a common occurrence (especially at night).

Insomniac absolutely covered themselves with their refund policy. It is very clear, and there is no way that they are legally obligated to refund ticket costs for any of the attendees. What does concern me is that they did allow for day 2 ticketholders to attend day 3. In an area that, less than 24 hours earlier, was experiencing extremely hazardous conditions, why would Insomniac choose to bring even more attendees to a crowded event center? Their official response notes that weather can be unpredictable.

I appreciate the sentiment and I'm glad that many of those disappointed by Day 2's cancellation were able to experience Day 3 of EDC, but this is inconsistent as well. What about everyone else? What about the people who had flights back to their home state or home country on Sunday? How about the people who couldn't afford another night in a hotel in Las Vegas without notice? What about, well, pretty much everyone?

Insomniac needs to be held accountable and they need to be held up to the spotlight. As Electric Daisy Carnival is the premier event for Insomniac, and as Insomniac is one of the largest event production companies in the world, it's imperative for them to scale accordingly. An event of this magnitude requires a degree of logistical planning that is nearly incomprehensible, and yet it seems there are still major items they've yet to get right.

My hope is that Insomniac gets better. I hope that Electric Daisy Carnival gets better. I hope that, by forcing Insomniac to accept and acknowledge their mistakes, they're able to learn from them. I hope that the thousands of disappointed and disheartened receive something other than a copy of the refund policy from Insomniac. 

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