Sub Killaz to replace DATSIK at EDC

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it was made public that the American dubstep artist and firepower ceo DATSIK has  dropped all his tours & bookings as well as his being cut from labels including his own. Thus he needs to be replaced at EDC

we (Sub Killaz) would be absolutely honored to fill in for DATSIK. 

Due to politics in the scene and the fact so many solid hard working local artists are overlooked for an event they had attendees for years seems so unfair. 

With the success of multiple tours in europe in the last year and the requests to put this through, we hope that rather than going with another mainstream artist to fill his spot, this is a petition to get a hard working local act a proper spot on the EDC lineup. 

Theres almost a guarantee that this won’t work pan out to much. I’ll be real lol. It started as a joke and people were pushing us to do it so ayy fuck it..

Thanks to the lot of you



- Sean & Brian aka Sub Killaz