Get Insomnia to close their stores for the safety of employees! Cookies are not essential!

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Insomnia Cookies is currently ignoring warnings from the president, public health officials, governors and mayors regarding COVID 19 and is remaining open. It has been said by countless advisors, doctors, nurses, news outlets, etc that NON-ESSENTIAL businesses should shut down during this time for the health of their employees, their customers, and the entire population. Insomnia has ignored these warnings and has continued to remain open exposing their employees AND customers to this deadly virus. We are asking for you to help to convince Insomnia Cookies to CLOSE THEIR STORES so their employees may safely social distance and self-isolate as advised. 

Insomnia has promised to pay its employees in case of closure, which is great! However, this means that Insomnia is finding every loophole possible to remain open as long as possible in order to scrape up any profit they can. One higher up is quoted as saying "they will find any loophole they can to stay open as long as possible, they don't care". This has meant that they are cutting hours of employees but are not being held responsible for paying them because the stores remain open. This attitude continues to put EVERY Insomnia worker and customer at a higher risk. All this happens while the employees from the corporate offices are working from the safety of their homes!! We are begging them to listen to the demands of their instore employees and keep us safe. 

Please sign your name to this petition to tell Insomnia that human lives are more important than pastries. 

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