Insatiable Season 2 Pettition

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Guys come on sign this petition for a season 2. It it a REALLY funny comedy and I know there is a lot of controversy about some of the messages but GET OVER IT. This is the world we live in and the way the show has protrayed the issues is very funny and still yet yet careful. The issues in today's society are very important to talk about and mabey this is only me here, but I would prefare to watch insatiable than some boring documentary on how to make this generation more healthy. Insatible is all about being confident in your self. I know for a fact I am not the only one who thinks this, but because it is getting brainwashed into your heads that the show should get cancelled and that the show is apparently' shaming women'. OH PLEASE, you are just doing what other people think is right even though you know in your heads  it is just a bit of fun . And after all who doesn't love a bit of REVENGE..........��!