InnPower - make Off-Peak rates apply to all times/days during COVID-19 outbreak

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While we are all trying to do our part to self-isolate and social distant the public of Ontario will be using much more power from our homes. Hydro one: We are calling you to step up and change Hydro-rates to off peak for as long as the government recommends us to be home. 

Many families are without pay, small businesses are scrimping by to survive... and are likely to close soon. 

When we're being told by our PM to have a collective mind and to work together as a community.

Banks are allowing those affected to defer mortgage principal payments. InnPower we are asking you to do the same with a simple gesture.  Reduce our costs by making all day, every day “off-peak” during this crisis.

~Sincerely, the community of Innisfil.