Stand Up for Constitutional Rights in Mingo County, WV


Stand Up for Constitutional Rights in Mingo County, WV

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Thomas Ray started this petition to Governor Jim Justice and

This petition has NOT been created to end or disrespect law enforcement in any way; it is simply a petition to stand up against the Good Ole'Boys Of Mingo County specifically the Sheriff; he is ignoring the 6th Amendment of the United States Constitution and its advocating hate and our country has to much of that as is.

Why is the constitution ignored so much? Why is it that law enforcement think they have a right to make stuff up as they go? 

The 6th Amendment Of The United States Constitution states that an individual has the RIGHT to a fair, speedy, and public trial; furthermore it enables an individual to have legal assistance, regardless of the charge, and the right to confront adverse witnesses and notice of accusations. These rights are given to all men or women under trial for any sort of wrongdoing. They establish the “innocent until proven guilty” mantra that is present in the United States legal system.

        In Mingo County, WV the sheriff thinks that allowing the members of our community to publicly humiliate, and post derogatory comments about the people his dept. arrests is acceptable, in a conversation I had personally with the sheriff he said and I qoute "I have checked with our attorney and our posts are 100% legal." which I am not sure that he understands the oath he took when he was sworn in, anyway when someone is taken into custody in Mingo County by the sheriff's dept. they take a photograph and immediately upload it to Facebook and letting the public comment under them and down right degrade these people. I am NOT taking up for these people or the crimes they may or may not have committed, I AM TAKING UP FOR THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS THAT EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN IS ENTITLED TO. 
Just because he wears a badge doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants, his job is to help the county he is ELECTED to serve, recently in CA the governor signed a bill (AB-1475) that prohibits law enforcement from posting mugshots of the people they take into custody. (Link at bottom of post.) 

The bill states the following:

(a) In our criminal justice system, suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.
(b) In recent years, law enforcement departments have begun to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Nextdoor to communicate with the public.
(c) Some departments post the booking photos of suspects on their social media accounts even though the suspect is no longer at large or an ongoing threat to public safety.
(d) Information posted to these social media accounts can remain on the internet for years, seriously affecting the life of the person depicted.
(e) In 2016, the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals stated, in Detroit Free Press Inc. v. United States Department of Justice (829 F. 3d 478, 482) that booking photos are “more than just ‘vivid symbols of criminal accusation, booking photos convey guilt to the viewer,” effectively “eliminating the presumption of innocence and replacing it with an unmistakable badge of criminality.”
(f) The Sixth Circuit also noted that booking photos are “snapped ‘in the vulnerable and embarrassing moments immediately after [an individual is] accused, taken into custody, and deprived of most liberties,’” putting them in the realm of “embarrassing and humiliating information.” (Id.)

(***To take a look at the complete bill visit Bill Text - AB-1475 Law enforcement: social media. (***) 

This sheriff is depriving the rights of the very people he was elected to protect and serve, and denying them of their liberty's as an American citizen, this sheriff must believe that he makes the law or something but HE IS MISTAKEN HIS JOB IS TO ENFORCE NOT DEGRADE; PROTECT NOT HUMILIATE. 

As Sheriff you are elected to help the community not to publicly shame the accused. When I personally spoke to the sheriff he told me that the purpose of these posts were and I qoute "the posts will show people that there is consequences to your actions, and to deter people from committing crimes." which in my opinion these people are already getting punished by getting arrested it is already bad enough to be going to jail, THE SHERIFF HAS NO RIGHT TO POST THESE TYPES PICTURES and I'll tell you one thing if the sheriff is trying to "deter people from committing crimes" he may want to start by following it him self as well as following the constitution he took an oath to uphold. 

Sign this petition to put a stop to this sheriff from depriving anyone else of their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! 

Ask your self this, if it was you, would you want your family to see people degrade you, or argue with people talking about you like crap? 
Or what if you're a young child or teenager would you like seeing people call you mom or dad a junkie, a whore, or a deadbeat?

Don’t let him win? 

Bill Title ----  AB-147


This petition made change with 46 supporters!

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