Stand behind innocent Uber driver Nazrul Islam

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NSW Attorney General:
We are under signed requesting you to review the matter and get the justice for an innocent Uber driver.


Nazrul Islam is a hard working Uber Driver who was on shift when he picked up 3 drunk friends in June 2017. One of his passengers, Sam Thomas who was heavily intoxicated, jumped out of the car while the car was at a red light. Nazrul drove off without realising as his eyes were on the road waiting for the light to turn green. Sam Thomas was hit by a bus and subsequently died. Now our legal system has failed us again and Mr Islam has now been charged with negligent driving occasioning death.

Nazrul is a hardworking driver and has been working hard to earn his living. His life should not be turned to shambles by this incident. Nazrul was not drink driving and neither was he fatigued. He was unaware of the sudden behaviours of an intoxicated person and so should not be held responsible for this accident.
He stopped at the red light and was waiting for the light to be green. Focusing on road conditions is more important than seeing what an adult is doing in the backseat. Do you think the legal system would allow him to activate a child lock system for late night intoxicated passengers?

The deceased had 2 other friends in the car with him. They didn’t stop their friend and they do not face sentencing like this poor Uber driver is facing in January 2019. This judgement is ridiculously unfair and I want to save enough funds to help Mr Nazrul Islam with legal bills and the loss of income he has suffered.
Why is being intoxicated a defence in murder charge?
We pay our condolences to the family of Sam Thomas and we pray for his soul. However Nazrul being held responsible is not an answer to this accident.
We should not stay silent and do our best to help those who are trying to just stay alive and pay their bills. Let us show solidarity and help this man to get his life back

Abul Sarker

On behalf of

Nazrul Islam (Uber driver) Support Group