It’s time for the world to see what’s gone “WRONG” with Mr. Antonio Hurst case!

It’s time for the world to see what’s gone “WRONG” with Mr. Antonio Hurst case!

March 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ke’teva Hobbs

Antonio Hurst #190769, was Wrongfully Convicted of 2 counts of second degree murder, and felony firearm, under the theory of aiding and abetting. Sentence: 25 yrs, count 1, parolable life, count 2, both ran concurrent and felony firearm, 2yrs.

During a police interrogation, Sgt. R. Woolfolk and other Detroit police officers, used intimidation, threats and coercion to force a young lady, who was with Antonio, Laura Hutchins to sign her false statement out of fear, implicating Antonio as a shooter. The statement, written by Sgt. Woolfolk, who fabricated a story and wrote a (horrible lie) making Antonio a shooter, is the reason Antonio is now in prison.

The false statement says:
On June 20, 1987, Antonio approached one victim, they struggled. Antonio then produced a gun and shot the victim as he fled. Then Antonio walked over to the vehicle where his codefendant was positioned and they both fired several times into the vehicle.

During trial the prosecutor used the same (horrible lie), Sgt. Woolfolk fabricated, telling the jury, that Antonio committed the crime. This led to Antonio being Wrongfully Convicted. (Proof of Antonio's innocence):

In 2013, Antonio willingly took a (Polygraph Test), administered by Howard Swabash, a former Michigan State Police and Polygraph Specialist. Antonio was asked: Did he walk over to the vehicle where the codefendant was positioned and fire several times into the vehicle. Did he fire a gun at any of the victims. Did he ever have an altercation with any of the
victims. Did he personally ever meet any
of victims. Antonio answered (No) to all
the questions and passed.

During trial, Sgt. Roy McGruther, a (Firearms Expert) made a positive identification, that (All) the bullets, which killed the victims (All) came from the same gun, the codefendant's gun, who committed the murders in a spur of the moment.

Antonio was placed in a police (Identification Line) and he was not picked out as a shooter.

In 2020, (Private Investigator), Scott Lewis located the (only witness being used against Antonio), Ms. Hutchins, questioned her about the details in the case. She willingly gave an affidavit, which clarified that: (she never witnessed Antonio shot any of the victims or into the vehicle where the victims were murdered. She also clarified how she was
intimidated, threatened and forced by Detroit police to sign her false statement. That she was terrified and signed the statement without even reading it).

NOTE: During trial, Ms. Hutchins told the Court this, but the court disregarded her truth. Because she denied the false statement that was fabricated by Sgt. R. Woolfolk. She was
then impeached. By law, once she has been impeached, and her statement was (not made under oath) during trial, her prior statement and her impeachment testimony (can not) be used as evidence to support a conviction. Nor can her statement be considered to satisfy or
prove any of the elements of the crime charged. (The judge explained this to the

Antonio was still convicted. The Michigan Court Appeals upheld the conviction, using the same (horrible lie) from the false statement and her pre- examination testimony, which the C.O.A. claims she directly implicated Antonio in the murder of one of the victims, (but there is no such testimony from Ms. Hutchins during pre-examination on the record).

Live testimony from 4 prosecution eyewitnesses, who were (friends of the victims). their testimony (did not) support the theory of Antonio being responsible for the deaths of there friends. These witnesses testified, as to what (one) person did and this person was clearly not Antonio, as written in the officer's fabricated false statement. The Court of Appeals agreed that Ms. Hutchins
testimony at trial (did not) provide any basis for finding that Antonio aided and abetted a murder or robbery. The C.O.A. agreed (no other eyewitnesses) testimony provide any basis the court could use in their decision to affirm Antonio's conviction.

The person Sgt. R. Woolfolk claimed that Antonio approached, struggled with, then shot in the false statement, (all charges) were dismissed because of (no evidence) at pre-examination.

The prosecutor still continued the (horrible lie) and fabricated a story about this victim being in hiding and vouched for the victim, as if he was a credible eyewitness against Antonio, just to mislead the jury. The prosecutor didn't
want this witness in court. Because he knew, the witness statement to police that night didn't implicate Antonio. He had no connection with Antonio. This eyewitness cleared Antonio. He said: (the person who shot him is the person who shot into his friends car).

It's clear, Antonio was strategically railroaded. His Constitutional Rights violated and a Miscarriage of Justice has been committed against him. All the above information can be supported with documentation.

Detroit has a very long history of police officers using illegal tactics to have young African American men incarcerated. As well as treated unfairly, especially in the Criminal Justice System. Sgt. R. Woolfolk and other Detroit police officers have past complaints against them for the use of intimidation, threats and coercion, see Morris v. City of
Detroit, 2016 U.S. Dist. Lexis 111833. Prosecutor Kim Worthy, in Oct 2020, released Wayne County's list of officers who'd been found guilty of "such offenses involving theft, dishonesty, fraud, false statement, bias and bribery."

Prosecutor Worthy should take interest in this case. With your signatures, we can fight together to have Antonio Hurst #190769 exonerated. This kind of injustice should not be allowed. Help the fight to get him home to his daughter, son, 2 granddaughters, great-granddaughter and an abundance of loved ones. 

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Signatures: 758Next Goal: 1,000
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