Mothers and children irrelevant in family courts today.

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 In light of Sammy who has waved her anonimity in the rape case. I simply Say:-

This is the attitude  women are dealing with today in our family courts.  If a monster can have access,  you can understand our problem..all men are allowed access to children no matter what.. .#enoughisenough  where are women's rights?

Mothers are being coerced into accepting decisions, they do not believe are In "The best Interests for them or their child." 

Abortion is the most unrecognised and insidious forms of domestic abuse!

In Scotland man who actively coerced and bully woman for abortion now has RESIDENCY given to him when she could no longer tolerate system allowing him to continue to abuse her through the courts.

Pressurising or coercing a woman into an abortion is, by definition, "restricting (her) freedom of action".

In my daughter's case she has now lost custody to this individual. She has to hand over her four year old son, to a man he does not know, who DID NOT WANT him, taken away from his mother and loving family! Why does society treat women and children this way!   I'm broken-hearted for my daughter and her disabled son, who will never understand why his family have abandoned him..he's non verbal..the picture above reflects his vunerable demeanor!

Please sign this petition, I do not know how to protect him. I know it's child abuse to do this to an innocent child! The mother will never recover from this abuse, our family emotionally distraught every day with the loss of this vunerable child.

This started December 2012 when she told this man she was pregnant!.Our beautiful boy is now four years old, but his understanding is of a very young child. Diagnosed with GDD Global Development Delay at eighteen months.

The family court system in Scotland is NO LONGER FIT FOR PURPOSE. In my opinion it is broken, DRACONIAN. This has to be changed. The Family Court system in England is no different. Both allowing abusers to continue through the courts.

  • This is my story: my reason to say enough is enough and ask for you to join my petition to have the whole system reviewed and made fit for purpose....

As a result she has lost her only child, career, her home, and has expenses in excess of £100.000 defending herself. She has no more money left to defend herself again. This man has been allowed to ruin her life. Courts complicit, by continuing to allow relentless pursuit!

The followg is a brief summary of her story:

She had a very short relationship with this man, she accidentally became pregnant. However, he immediately told her to have an ABORTION. He repeatedly coerced her into taking this course of action. Even attending her Doctor's appointment. It was booked and at the last minute she refused to have the Abortion and went on to have the child. But before that he continued to bully, harrass her for weeks to terminate the pregnancy. Police called three times in this period.

She did allow father access to her home to see the baby on several occasions immediately after the child was born, but had decided, because of his hostile actions towards her, not to put his name on the Birth Certificate. As soon as this man found out he went to court and was granted an 'Interim inderdict' to prevent her leaving Scotland, and a summons to appear in the Family Court. The 'Interim Inderdict' was granted when the child was only two weeks old. This is a travel ban effectively, keeping Mother and child captive in the country. Surely a violation of the mother's human rights. Mother's rights to care for her child shattered!

  • They were not a married couple, it was not a committed relationship, they had never lived together. It had only been casual relationship which had lasted approximately four months. The father had no Parental rights and responsibilities (PRR) No name on the birth certificate.

The process wore my daughter down, he effectively set out to destroy her because she had refused to have an ABORTION.

  • The Scottish Parliament has recently recognized 'Coercive Control' phycologicl abuse. In my opinion this is exactly what the courts have allowed to happen to my daughter. No break in proceedings granted in thirty two months, relentless, unsustainable...

I understand that fathers have rights, and that mothers cannot get out of going to court. Once in the system there is NO WAY OUT they have to continue to defend themselves as long as they are pursued, but surely there should be a fixed number of times someone can be taken to court in the first year of a child's life. Also thereafter, a fixed number of times.  However, mothers with newborn children should not be taken to court in the post-partum period, whilst trying to breast-feed her child.... It's disgraceful, persecution of this new mother.. Stop allowing this

  Abuse of the system. Mother and child distressed from his Birth....

  • The stress of appearing in court multiple times is not sustainable, either for the mother's well-being or economically. If the PURSUER does not stop, this is Abuse of the mother/child. Courts are allowing this to continue. I want mothers to have more control over the decision-making in courts of their children.

Interim means Interim:  My daughter's 'Interim Inderdict' stays in place for two years eight months, this is a violation of the mother's right to FREE Movement, also her child. Used as "bargaining chip" you give me PRR, we will remove Interdict!

  • "Primary care is a human right. Please stop the Family Courts relinquishing mothers of their position in society to care for their children."

Please help me stop this Phycological and Economic abuse happening today in our courts. Please sign this petition to stop this abuse happening to other Mothers every day in our family courts..

This vulnerable child needs his mama,  he must be reunited with his mother and family.  The damage caused to both child and mother catastrophic.. 

Family courts cannot continue to take children from loving mothers. 

It's outrageous, and unacceptable it is allowed to happen today in our courts.... .