Create a safe dog-friendly space in Ashfield Park

Create a safe dog-friendly space in Ashfield Park

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Ashfield Park, along Parramatta Road in Ashfield NSW covers over 6 hectares of land and is a popular recreation and sporting space for the local community and neighbouring suburbs.

In recent years there has been an increase in usage by locals who walk their dogs or spend time in the park with their family, friends, and canine companions.This increase correlates with over 5,400 registered dogs residing in Ashfield, Croydon, Haberfield and Summer Hill. Of this registered group over 3000 dogs are 14 years old or younger.

In addition, the suburb of Ashfield is the ranked fourth highest suburb of dog ownership behind Marrickville, Leichhardt, and Balmain.

Top Four Dog-Ownership Suburbs vs. Dedicated Dog Parks/ Leash-free spaces

1. Marrickville - 5 dedicated dog parks/leash-free spaces

2. Leichhardt - 5 dedicated dog parks/leash-free spaces

3. Balmain - 8 dedicated dog parks/leash-free spaces

4. Ashfield - 0 dedicated dog parks/leash-free spaces

Source: Inner West Council

Where do our dogs get their daily exercise if there aren't any dedicated off-leash spaces in Ashfield?

We are seeking to improve the safety and quality of experience of all users of the park by proposing a trial off-leash period allowing dog owners to supervise and interact with their dogs leash-free during a specific time and dedicated space within the park.

Limitations of the trial off-leash period:

  • The trial would include owners and their dogs only and not include commercial dog walking businesses or trainers. This is to manage usage during the trial period.
  • The time for off-leash use would be limited to 6:00am - 10:00am and 3:00pm - 7:00pm, Monday - Sunday.
  • The space would be limited to grass areas closest to Ormond and Gower streets entrance to the park, but not close to the bbq or playground areas.
  • The  time and space can be determined with agreement with the Inner West Council and users of the park. Following completion of the trial an assessment would be required to determine the appropriate time, days of the week (M-F and weekends) and area within the park for on-going use.

Benefits and proposed outcomes:

Currently, the park is used informally as an off-leash space which creates risk for both non-dog owners and dog owners alike. With a clearly communicated plan and requirements of how owners and their dogs use the park we will be able to foster a safe and inclusive community of responsible dog owners. A dedicated off-leash time and space also allows those owners who prefer to keep their dogs on-lead the option to do so near the oval and Pembroke street entrances. In addition, the park becomes a safer space for all visitors with regular use by residents and friendly dogs.

Thank you for your support!

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