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It is with heavy hearts we have to inform everyone that the SLYFOX will soon be forced to close its doors forever, due to the Inner West Council.
If you are a supporter of our venue, LIVE Music, Dj’s, good times & late nights at the SLYFOX or the Inner West area PLEASE read this in full, as we desperately need your help to save the SLYFOX from closing forever – your participation & support will determine the outcome.
This is the story of SLYFOX –
· In 1998 the SLYFOX was granted a 24hr license with a 1 year trial period. The owners at the time never re-applied for the license after the 1 year period.
· SLYFOX continued trading for 21 years following this, unbeknownst to council, the police or the current owners that the 24hr licence had lapsed.
· In 2016 once the lock out laws were in affect, it was picked up by Police that the liquor license hadn’t been re-applied for. Following that COUNCIL THEMSELVES wrote a letter stating that due to the venues history (21 years of trading with no problems) that the 24hr liquor license remained on foot.
· In 2016 Police also realised that in the current DA there was a stipulation that noted there was to be no amplified music after 3am, this was enforced & the silent disco headphones sadly entered the building.
· The following 3 years the owners of SLYFOX slowly spent over $100,000 on fully sound proofing the venue with the aim of applying to council to remove the headphones from the venue by amending the DA.
· In 2019 after countless meetings with council DA planners, town planners, acoustic engineers, neighbours, lawyers, the Mayor of Inner West Darcy Bryne, the CEO of Inner West & others, SLYFOX submitted to council a DA to remove the headphones for good.
· Months later Inner West council called a meeting at SLYFOX . During this meeting council informed us that our particular DA was no longer valid & that they were retracting their letter from 2016 which stated we did have a 24hr liquor license. They went on to say they would HELP & SUPPORT US through the process & wanted us to re-apply for the 24hr liquor licence.
· SLYFOX then submitted via councils recommendation the new DA for the 24 liquor license.
· SLYFOX received 12 objections to the new DA, some which we’ve since proved to be fraudulent with no one actually living at the address of the objector.
· With 12 objections the SLYFOX DA now has to be determined by a special panel, but council will either recommend it for approval or recommend it for denial.
· SLYFOX of course via it’s many meetings/discussions with council & in their words “ we will help you do this DA “ expected council to recommend the DA for approval….. but to our surprise council has now changed the goal posts on us at the VERY LAST SECOND.
· YESTERDAY SLYFOX received a call from council stating they would be recommending a 12am midnight license!!!! Knowing very well that the outcome of this would be SLYFOX closing it’s doors forever…. We are devastated, but it’s not over just yet.
From the owners of SLYFOX, the staff, the dj’s, the promoters, the bands, the comedians, the improv actors, the chefs & from the inner West Mayor himself Darcy Bryne we call on you all to SAVE THE SLYFOX.
We ask you all to do two things for us as this will have a dramatic impact on the panels thoughts of this DA & hopefully we can show them the love & importance of the SLYFOX not closing it’s doors.
Submission to Council Form -
We ask everyone who has ever had the pleasure of a dance, a late night drink or simply does not want to see another music venue close in Sydney to click the below link & fill in the submission form. This will be sent to council so please tell them in your own words why you support our DA application & how detrimental another music venue closing in Sydney would be – ESPECIALLY IN THE INNER WEST WHICH IS MEANT TO BE SYDNEYS BAR/LIVE MUSIC HUB!
Please click through to our petition link to SAVE THE SLYFOX.
This is not as important as the above council submission form, but a petition with 5000 people behind it will not be ignored.
From all of us here at SLYFOX we’d like to thank anyone that takes the time to help us, your submissions could literally be the key to us keeping the doors open.
Finally please share this post for us & if we remain open following this we owe you all a beer xx
SLYFOX family