Save the corner store #keepsydenhamopen

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It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the Inner West Council is trying to shut down the Sydenham Corner Store after only 3 months of operation and during the current climate. While bearing the brunt of COVID19 the council has decided that the DA from 1986 states that it is required to be a newsagency. Despite being a furniture shop for 19 years and then nothing for a long time after that, the council has decided that I am not a newsagency. I consider myself the closest thing to a newsagency that has been on this corner since 1986, keeping in the spirits of the original DA.

The first communications I received from the Council was to cease trading, no prior visits, no prior questions, no prior discussion. Despite providing me no information on what they consider a newsagency, an industry that was deregulated years ago. They have informed me that I am not a newsagency. They have also ignored that I have stationery, art supplies, and printing services. Pre-social distancing I was also offering newspaper delivery for customers. I was in the process of setting up more services that I would consider to be newsagency services but it has only been 3 months from day one and these things take time.

My vision was to build a community space that suits the needs of the area. My rule has been if two people request an item, I get it in. I also take local community feedback straight to heart, the store belongs to the corner after all. Then when COVID restrictions came into place, Mitch and I worked tirelessly to offer delivery of those items to the doors of 2044/2204 residents.
Honestly, I have to maintain work elsewhere to keep the shop open and Mitch (another young local) working but love the area too much to go down without a fight. They are also asking that we close midday on weekends and 6 pm weeknights, despite many of you being out and about after that and the fact you are all trying to space out visits at this time.

I am gutted, it has been the hardest three months I have had starting a business due to the current climate and now this on top. I want to keep this corner open and if you feel the same I ask for your help.
I am asking for local support. If you have used us for any newsagency-like services or would like to comment further could you please message us as we would love to show them that we are providing these services to the local community. At the least, if you are supportive of the new little corner store or local business could you please sign the following petition.