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Improve Pedestrian Safety at the Stanley St/Balmain Rd/Short St Crossing

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We the undersigned, who are local residents of the area surrounding the zebra crossing at the Stanley Street / Balmain Road / Short Street intersection in Leichhardt, call upon council to urgently take measures to improve pedestrian safety at the abovementioned crossing. We are very concerned for the safety of pedestrians utilising the crossing due to the consistent failure of drivers to stop safely. 

Drivers consistently fail to stop in time with visibility and adequate warning obvious issues. There have been numerous reports of near-misses by residents of the surrounding streets who use this crossing on a daily basis. A large proportion of residents who use this crossing as pedestrians are those with young children and the unpredictability of these road users is even greater cause for concern. Drivers have also reported issues with the lack of visibility and adequate warning contributing to their failure to stop safely when pedestrians are attempting to cross. 

The speed cushions that were recently installed have made a slight improvement to rates of drivers stopping in time but it is still extremely inadequate. Further measures must be taken. 

Suggestions for improved safety measures at this crossing include:

  1. raise the crossing (speed table) to improve visibility to drivers as well as slow down their approach;
  2. colour the crossing red to improve visibility to drivers; and/or
  3. install small refuge islands in the center of the crossing to slow down drivers as they approach the crossing as well as provide refuge for pedestrians as they cross.

Implementing these measures will bring this crossing in line with every other zebra crossing in the immediate vicinity (Balmain Road at Hill Street, Short Street at Norton Street, Catherine Street at The Avenue, Styles Street at John Street, Norton Street at Carlisle Street, and Norton Street at Marlborough Street). 

It is proposed that council immediately initiate an investigation into appropriate measures that can be taken to improve safety for pedestrians at this crossing. Once these measures have been identified we politely request that they are acted upon as a matter of urgency to prevent what we feel is an inevitable tragedy at this crossing.

This petition will be delivered to Mr John Stephens (Inner West Council’s Traffic and Transport Services Manager and Chair of the Inner West Council Local Traffic Committee), Mr Chris Johnson (Inner West Council’s Road Safety Officer) and Mr Manod Wickramasinghe (Inner West Council’s Traffic and Parking Engineer) by COB on Wednesday 6th December 2017. 

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