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 Due to the unexpected weather and canceling of school, Inman Middle school has decided to extend school 30 minutes. Now school ends at 4:35. This conflicts with many student after school activities and the amount of time to do homework. Many students in the Inman community want to have study hall during the extra 30 mins at school. Having 30 min extra does not only take away from doing the homework we get assigned every day, but it also takes time away from the students extra curricular activities . Having this extra study hall will give students a chance to do homework so that we will not have as much when we get home.We are  aware that not all homework gets done in 30 minutes, yet it will help tremendously with our work loads. Also adding an extra 7 minutes of class is not going to do a lot for the students. There is not much 7 minutes can do.  Finally, if we have this study hall, it will allow students to go to different teachers if they do not understand their homework. Also, it will help if a student were to miss school, it will be a great opportunity to collect all missing work and talk to teachers. 

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