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Have a server wide vote on banning Velkrai.

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The box was set up with the idea in mind that we leave behind all the toxic elements of the Warhammer 40k server however someone invited Velkrai and people held strong reservations about Velkrai being on the server. But eventually people were willing to let go of old grudges since this server was a new leaf. Since then Velkrai's personality has not changed that much, he has been banned from the politics channel for the rude and callow manner in which he voiced his opinions, his ban from politics did not stop him as he voiced his opinions in general while in the process of doing so offending another member, this inadvertently lead to Smol's irrational choice to ban Velkrai, remove politics and leave. We would ask Inky and the mod team to review this first decision and put forth a democratic vote for the entire server so that we might vote on whether Velkrai should be banned from the sever.The signers of the petition recognize that nobody is perfect and everyone has flaws in their character but letting Velkrai has many and letting him into this server was a mistake.

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