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Police officers, attorneys, and judges hold an oath to uphold the law not to abuse their power.  It is relevant with the handling of an assault victim's case and nothing being done to the man that has left this woman permanantly disabled and disfigured that there is police and judicial misconduct.  Why was the chuck e cheese video not subpoena for evidence?  Why was this woman forced to stand trial after just being released from E.R?   Her family paid an attorney to represent her and the attorney kept the money and dropped the case after talking to prosecution?  Why was a single mother of 2 jailed for excercising her right of due process and filing an appeal? WHY? 

If we allow the powers that be to continually wrongfully utilize their authority, they will continue and you will find your mother, aunt, or sister in the same situation. Lets make a change starting now:

Demand an external investigation and seek they allow her to move forward.


Please sign the petition to fight the injustice of the legal system and request change in the laws that allows police and attorneys the freedom to do as they wish with our lives. 

Letter to
Governor Rick Perry
Governor of Texas Greg Abbott
Dear Governor Rick Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbot, and Court of Appeals, Waco, TX
We seek that you pardon and remove the 2 year probation assessed by the Coryell County Courts to a victim of assault by a biased corrupt court and police department. A woman was assaulted, contacted local law enforcement for assistance from injuries sustained by the assault and because of her assailant's connections to law enforcement, she was ill-represented, wrongfully convicted, and jailed. When she attempted to appeal, she was then coerced, jailed and placed on probation as a way of the courts to further manipulate her. We ask that you look at all the documents submitted to both agencies- pardon the victim and seek a thorough investigation into the improper and fraudulent handling of her case by both the Copperas Cove Police Department and the Coryell County Courts and assess punishment to those involved in the scandal of wrongfully convicting a victim of assault.

This woman will never walk the same, smile the same and will always be traumatized of police and the court system. The authorities created to protect and to serve its people has proven to be a failure to our community. Do not let the courts continue to victimize innocent citizens. Let her have closure and at least move on after a year of court proceedings and 2 months jail for calling the police at a time of hostility. Please pardon all convictions and allow her the freedom to move on with her life.




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