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Initiate the Prime Law Amendment

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Hello American Citizens,

 To begin introducing you to this petition’s purpose, there are three questions I would like you to think about. These three questions pertain to your every waking moment in life, here they are.

 1. Do you believe you should prosper and live happily?

 The Twelve Vision Party® believes the purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.

2. Do you feel the conditions, for you to prosper and live happily, exist today?  

 We believe the function of government is to provide the conditions that let each individual in America fulfill that purpose.  

3. Would you support a law that guarantees the conditions for you to prosper and live happily?  

This is what the Twelve Vision Party® is about. The Prime Law®, the three-thousand-year-old-secret, guarantees those conditions in your life.

 I have been reading materials from an Independent Based Political Movement known as the Twelve Visions Party found at:

The Twelve Visions Party understands that our current political structure is broken, compromised, and becoming more and more incapable of representing the liberties and ensuring the prosperity of the People in America today.

Our U.S. Constitution has also been compromised and today does not represent the purpose for which it was originally drafted by our Founding Fathers. In a recent video release from Mark Hamilton, Founder of the Twelve Visions Party, Mr. Hamilton explains why current political practices are flawed; and more importantly what will turn America around, and back into the land of wealth, health, and prosperity that it was once known as. To help you understand fully what the Prime Law Amendment to the U.S.

Constitution is, I have typed out the entire transcript from his video, “A 3000 Year Old Secret Revealed” which you can read here below this introduction. Or, you can use the link below to go to the video page and watch the video. Video Link:

Now, I must say, when I attempted to answer the three questions listed above I had to say “Yes” to the first, and partially “No” to the second as it addresses a wide scope of possibilities. We can feel happy in any circumstance internally; however there are definitely conditions in today’s political policies that prevent my ability to achieve my highest level of prosperity. And, “Yes” to the third question, as I know that a Prime Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution would make force, fraud, and coercion against the law! The tools of American politics today are in fact, force, fraud, and coercion. Just think for a moment what type of Civilization we could have if these negative suppressions were absolutely impossible!

The Twelve Visions Party has a Candidate set to run for President, Ms. Jill Reed.  You can learn more about Jill and her campaign at:  

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