A Realistic Change - Make Cork's Immigration Registration Online

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The immigration system in Cork, Ireland is broken. Every day the immigration officers have no choice but to reject hundreds of people who have been waiting in line for hours. This is because the system works on a first-come-first-serve basis, forcing students and working people to wait outside for hours before the Garda station opens, missing classes and work.

Due to long wait times and high demand, it takes an average of 3 visits to the immigration office before being able to apply for or renew your immigration status. Most people are rejected on numerous visits due to the long lines created by this first-come-first-serve system. That is three separate occasions in which an individual has to sacrifice valuable time from their day. 

This system has to change, and there is a simple way to change it. What I am proposing is the following:

  • A system allowing one to make an appointment online
  • An eventual switch towards online registration

First-come-first-serve is an archaic way to run an immigration office. This is a system that benefits no one - both the employees of the immigration office and the thousands of immigrants living in Cork suffer from it. If Dublin is able to have an online system, then so can Cork!

I want to make a change, sign the petition if you feel the same way.