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Demand the resignition of John Green and Travis Bumgardner

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My Fiance Thomas Craig has been employed with Ingles Markets Inc. for 10 years now. Most of those years he has been a Customer Service Manager at the Fallston Rd. Store in Shelby, North Carolina. Before coming out as being gay when he met me, he never had any write ups, complaints, or issues at work. Ever since he has came out 2 years ago that streak has ended. He does everything wrong according to his managers and has been threatened to straighten up or get fired. The Store Manager has treated him different since coming out and my fiance has asked for a transfer to another store for the past two years and has been denied by his manager everytime. The store manager requires my Fiance to do more than any other customer service manager. He is required to constantly clean, perform manager duties, stock the merchandise in another departments, customer service, get carts from the parking lot, cashier, etc. The other two customer service managers makes more money than my fiance and has less experience and responsibility. My fiance is called on his days off to help the managers figure out a issue on a register or in the bookkeeping system. Yesterday Saturday March 23, 2013, an issue occurred on the self checkout and my fiance was in the deli helping them with a large order. When this issued occurred the store manager and co-manger were both there but held my fiance responsible for it. When my fiance tries to talk to the managers about issues they tell him to grow up or quit. The co-manager is the only manger who has to have to have two other managers working with him when he works. It has been noticed that he has been spending extra time in the back stockroom and the produce department with the female produce manager instead of doing his job. Most of the manager duties are placed on my fiance and he is being bullied by the managers and it needs to stop. Human resources at Ingles Markets has also been contacted many times and nothing is ever done. They either say they will take care of it or they wont answer the phones nor return phone calls. My Fiance gets sick every time he goes to work causing him to vomit in the bathroom. He does not want to give up his job but he cannot emotionally or physically stay working with the two managers nor can we afford him to be out of work.
In conclusion, I would like to thank you for showing your support by signing this petition that everyone deserves to be treated equal no matter their sexuality, race, national origin, etc. These two mangers do not deserve to be in the position that they are in if they continue to treat their employees the way they have been. Thanks again for signing.

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