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The colony of alpine swifts located on the viaduct of the A-5 motorway over the Guadiana river, close to Merida (Badajoz), is one of the largest in Extremadura, with around 200 individuals, and is being seriously affected by roadworks of substitution of the security guard rails of the viaduct, just where these swifts have found a place in which to breed.

The roadwork of the viaduct is necessary to improve traffic safety conditions. However, the existence of this magnificent colony does not seem to have been taken into account, without the adoption of any palliative measure, and it is now seriously threatened to disappear.

In one half of the viaduct, all the nests have been destroyed before the arrival of the birds from Africa. In the other half the swifts are already beginning their reproductive period.

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Alpine Swift Is the biggest european Swifts. Its body weight is 100 gr. and wingspan  57 cm. They are extraordinary birds that spend most of their lives in the air. They winter in Africa and when they return to their breeding areas, they need holes in cliffs or humans constructions to breed.

It’s a very beneficial insectivorous bird classified as “VULNERABLE” in the Catalog of Threatened Species of Extremadura.

Please, help to avoid the total destruction of this colony in breeding season and to compensate for the damage caused by the urgent installation of nest boxes with the advice of experts in alpine swifts signing this request

SEO Birdlife has denounced these facts to the Dirección General de Medio Ambiente de la Junta de Extremadura and has requested measures to avoid the destruction and protect this colony.

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