Stop Jandakot Airport clearing areas meant to be protected in perpetuity

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Jandakot Airport Holdings (JAH) leases Jandakot Airport near Perth from the Commonwealth. They need to prepare and abide by Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure approved Master Plans.  In the 2010 and 2015 Master Plans, they were allowed to clear more than 167ha of the Threatened Ecological Community Banksia Woodland of the Swan Coastal, habitat for Threatened Carnaby's Cockatoo and the Threatened Grand Spider Orchid Caladenia huegelii for non-airport related development (ie commercial - warehouses, offices, shops), along with extension of existing and construction of new runways.  Since then, no work has been done on a new runway, but many large warehouse etc have been constructed on land cleared to make way for these profit-making ventures.

As part of 2010 Master Plan and associated environmental approval, JAH were required as part of the Ministerial Conditions to conserve/preserve in perpetuity 119ha of land in Conservation Precincts 1a, 1b, and 2.  Now, in preparing the 2020 Master Plan, JAH is seeking to revoke and breach this Ministerial Condition and to clear 65% of the Banksia woodland which is supposed to be protected in perpetuity under this condition.  Thus, the 119ha of Banksia woodland would be reduced to 43ha after the clearing of 76ha.  The purpose is for commercial development, not aviation development.  They have disguised this breach of Ministerial Conditions by re-labeling the Conservation Precinct areas they wish to clear.

We need to expose and stop this unethical, illegal and immoral act by asking the Commonwealth to rapidly and un-ambiguously advising JAH that this will not be approved and instructing them to prepare a Master Plan in which this is not included.