UN: Act! Weapons disguised as children's toys are a war crime!

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Since April 2018 thousands of kites and balloons have been operated from Gaza into Israeli territories. They carry fire and explosives and cause massive destruction.

  • In the last 4 months more than 5000 acres (20 km2) have been burnt to coal and ashes: Farmland, Woods, National Parks… The harvest is lost. The damages are into Millions of USDs.
  • Most of the animals can’t flee. Their puppies and the smaller animals can’t flee at all: They are burnt to a painful death.
  • Note that in this time of the year there is no rain in the region. Nature is so dry, that things start to burn at the smallest spark!
  • Water, that is a very precious good here and is also delivered into Gaza, is now being used to extinguish several fires on a daily basis!

Have a look at what is happening today at Israel’s border towards Gaza:

Photos: Damages caused by the Gaza fire terrorism

Report: “Toys” landing at populated area:

Fotos: Nature – before/after:

Report: Fire Terrorism:

Report: A mother in a kibbuz:

Those weapons do not halt at populated places! The people live in a constant fear that their houses start to burn while they are asleep or out for shopping or work.

But the scariest thing is the explosives that are attached to those “toys”!

Have you ever tried to teach a 2-year-old child, not to run after a colorful balloon and try to catch it? It’s deadly! The device will explode in it’s hand!

To “disguise” weapons as toys clearly is a war crime!

We urge the UN to condemn Hamas’ use of these type of toys in it’s war against Israel as a war crime!


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