Dont allow 30000 meters to decide which shows will run on Indian Television

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We are cable subscribers who take packages and from our subscriptions channels get money. But we have no control on what we will watch in our TV channel. It is decided by some 30000 meters which are used for BARC rating. Thus many neutral viewers like me feel cheated when the shows we watch gets abrupt ending because those 30k people are not interested in watching them.
If 30k meters decide the shows, then let the subsciption also be paid by them. Why should we pay subscription money and then dont get our content to a proper closure.
If we go for a movie if we purchase a ticket we can watch the full movie irrespective of it being hit or flop. If we purchase a book irrespective of being hit or flop we can read it.
But if we watch a show irrespective of us paying subscription fees there is no guarantee we will get proper closure.

Bring in better measurement system that take into account every viewer who provides subscription fees. Ensure every show gets time to tell the basic story properly so that viewers dont feel cheated

Personal story
I have been a viewer of Colors Bepannaah which is a unique and scripted story. The slot of this show has been shifted twice and it doesnt even start on time. Now it is being told that this show which was envisioned as a 12 month script is being shut down in another two weeks due to low ratings. As a viewer after investing 8 months into the show feeling completely cheated on its abrupt ending