Inform the CSW Board

Inform the CSW Board

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Why this petition matters

The Charter School of Wilmington has had 4 Presidents of the CSW school in the past 4 years.  (Paoli, Capolupo, Andrzejewski, Johnson) It is imperative that we continue to search for the most appropriate President that will serve our children and the students' interests.

The only consistent leading administrator has been Angeline Rivello.  The children have learned to lean on her and her staff, especially Jessica Wolfe.

"Mrs. Rivello has kept structure throughout the school through a variety of presidents and has handled situations very well."  - from a current student.  When will we start listening to our children??  They are the ones being impacted by these decisions.  

Amidst the pandemic and regardless of the chaos surrounding decisions stemming from the pandemic, Angeline stayed steadfast to the students, our children.  She prioritized their success while still adhering to the restrictions mandated.  

Example:   At least 65% of our children have struggled with the impact of the pandemic in one way or another.  When my son started to struggle with online learning, Mrs. Rivello, Mrs. Wolfe, and Mr. Eddy all stepped up in response to my pleas for help and Nolan's need for help.  They made the accommodations along with his teachers to ensure Nolan's success.  Nolan was not the only student to receive such care.  

As we come out of this health pandemic and start to focus on the "new" consequential pandemic of stability, rebuilding our student environments, and the mental health of our children, it is critical to keep consistency in their school.  

Dr. Johnson has not earned the students' trust, In fact, his actions have made our students feel abandoned, disrespected, forgotten and disregarded.  Decisions are being made in fear and without appropriate research.  The students are not being considered as a primary reason behind decisions.

Angeline has had a rough 4 years with multiple presidents, lack of support from our board and other members of the staff at CSW and receiving much negative feedback regarding the pandemic.  Regardless, she has stayed steadfast to the needs of our students.  She is proud of our children and loves them enough to withstand a tough 4 years to make sure they are successful! 

Please let the board know if you support keeping Angeline and Jessica Wolfe in place with their expertise and love for our children.  Our children deserve at least that much.

Thank you

44 have signed. Let’s get to 50!