halt feminist disinformation

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In 2016 I renewed my donation to wikipedia but expressed the following reservation:

  • "Dear Jimmy I have immediately renewed my donation, as Wikipedia is an invaluable resource to me."
  • "Alas I have grave concerns for the future of Wikipedia because I learned that whole teams of feminist trolls have been falsifying history with a gynocentric/misandrist slant."

In 2017 the situation had deteriorated and I did not renew my donation.

The current year being 2018 I see questionable "charities" like Amnesty International orchestrating the "Feminist Wikipedia Takeover" and  education estabishments like Grenfell Campus Art+Feminism, coordinating "Wikipedia Edit-a-thon".

Facilitating biased propaganda is in my opinion not an appropriate way to "encourage growth, development and distribution of educational content".

I, and any others signing this petition would like you to know that we will abstain from further contributions to your charity under these circumstances.

Please can you to make a public statement regarding your position in reference to the escalating biased manipulation and censorship by feminist man haters.


Angelica Perduta