Give school lunch to people who are hungry! お腹が空いた子供達に給食を!

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Now, there are 1 people who are dying in 5 seconds. 2 People will born in 1 second. At future, maybe there are no people. This is my thinking that it come up with.

I think we can make food bank that it is for school lunch and give school lunch to people around a world.We will correct food that it is wast full and do it. Make it. When there are people who want to do volunteering and wake it, that people can help. People who come to volunteering can have key holder or some thing it is small. Original thing.

I want to have help from WFP to make food bank for school lunch.

Since Japan also get food from United States after the war, we provided school meals, so we want to help children by giving lunch in the world.

I know that it is difficult but when we do it, I think it is very helpful.Please think every one. As one plan. I want to help people in the world. How do you think I think it is same idea.

Now is the chance! Like before, we can think and make school lunch. I don`t want to see people dying with food lost. Japan is very good country. It is rich. But Japan can be more great country. Let`s make more good and rich!



だから WFPに給食専用のフードバンクを作って欲しい。






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