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AFA currently offer a 'U Grade' service whereby people can send in vintage carded action figures.

AFA cuts these open, separates the figure from the original card and grades the toy with a special U award.

The majority of serious collectors are keen to preserve carded figures and are strongly opposed to them being opened up in this way - particularly as many figures are U-graded in order to sell on for profit.

There are clearly only a limited about of carded figures left for original vintage lines such as 'Star Wars', whereas there are many, many more loose figures around which could be graded without any issues. Therefore to many collectors U grading is equivalent to vandalism towards the hobby. 

AFA are a grading company - their focus should be on preserving these toys for the future rather than encouraging the destruction of them via this process.

UKG have stopped offering this service in 2015. AFA should do the same immediately.