Continuation of Dr. Ziyad Delic as Imam of SNMC Masjid

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Continuation of Dr. Ziyad Delic as Imam of SNMC Masjid

 Assalamu alaikum.

We are writing this petition in appreciation of Imam Delic’s sterling efforts on behalf of the SNMC community. He has always risen above the call of duty and has selflessly given time to,  

·       Lead prayers and other spiritual events

·       Help resolve community and personal issues of Muslims in Ottawa

·       Tirelessly raise funds for the SNMC Community Centre

·       To make SNMC known in Canada and abroad

Imam Delic has helped SNMC to become a major presence in Ottawa and Canada. He is widely recognized as a Muslim leader and was listed as one of the top 500 influential Muslims in the World.  We hope that he continues to serve as the Imam of SNMC well into the future

However , we have heard rumours that Imam Delic may be replaced soon as the Imam of the SNMC mosque.

We think, this would be a tragedy, a grave injustice and a great loss to the community.

·       Imam Delic’s removal would cause many to reconsider SNMC as their spiritual home given our faith in him as a spiritual and community leader..

·       Our children would lose a tremendous spiritual teacher, guide and inspiration

We are confident most if not, all SNMC community members share our concerns

We request that you inform the SNMC of your support for Imam Delic by contacting the SNMC board in person and via telephone and writing and email

Act now to encourage the SNMC Board to actively retain Imam Delic. He has given us so much. Should we not now act as a community and give back to him?

Jazak Allah Khair

Concerned South Nepean Muslims

Thursday April 12th, 2018

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