Female Umpires should be able to wear the same uniform shorts as the male umpires.

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In my Victorian netball community, female umpires are discriminated against and told that if they wear the same shorts as the male umpires that they cannot umpire and will cost the team they umpire for a major fine. The other day I watched a female umpire be aggressively kicked off her court because she was wearing the same shorts as the umpire on the other court. Taking away the female's right to netball shorts is discriminatory and showing carelessness towards the umpires who have a job to do. Does the skirt influence how hard the umpires work? No. Does the skirt make you a better umpire? No. I believe the female umpires deserve the same rights as the male umpires because, in the end, they have to perform the same job to the same high standards.